red. is a consulting company dedicated to language services.

What language service do you need?

Translation and localisation into Swedish

  • Translating texts into Swedish, adapting them for the Swedish market, and providing applicable, Swedish terminology.

Correction work, text revision

  • Proofreading Swedish texts (checking for faulty grammar, spelling errors, etc.).
  • Comparing translations with their originals, to ensure that the translations have been done correctly.

Linguistic consultation

  • Answering language questions to fulfill all of your language needs. If we don’t have an answer right away, we will research until we can help you.
  • Completed translations and proofreading jobs

    Books and folder translations

    Books for evseveral publishing houses. Folders on collector's classic motorbikes and miniature cars for Editions Atlas in Switzerland.


    Several social science academic articles and dissertations, books and articles for Västarvet (Board of the natural and cultural heritage of West Sweden), Riksantikvarieämbetet (National Heritage Board) in Linköping and Stockholm (UV Öst and UV Mitt)., etc.


    Hela världen är på plats (on the consulates in Gothenburg through the ages) for Warne Publishing house, Sweden, Teach yourself Swedish (2004 edition) for Hodder & Stoughton Ltd in London.


    Academic publications as well as non-academic for Facköversättaren etc.

    Projects for translation agencies

    Translation, revision and/or consultation to an array of different texts (technical, EU, manuals, mountain bike magazine etc.) for translation agencies (Språkbolaget, Exacta Translations, AAC Global in Sweden, Language Wire in Denmark (Copenhagen/Malmö), Avanti, Language Lab and Snelvertaler in the Netherlands, and others.